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Airconditioning is not just a luxury

Summers often get really hot here in Northwestern Ontario. A hot house will make it difficult to fall asleep at night and make you feel irritable and not focussed during the day. A hot workplace will bring productivity down. Airconditioning is not some kind of unnecessary luxury in those hot conditions. Total Climate will be able to install airconditioning for you, as a separate unit or integrated in your heating system.

Napoleon and Armstrong

We have good experiences with Napoleon and Armstrong airconditioners, with the R-410A refrigerants that are widely considered more environmentally friendly. Modern airconditioners can be surprisingly quiet and energy efficient and Napoleon and Armstrong are no exception. Napoleon airconditioners are Canadian made in Barrie, Ontario.

Quotes, Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Installing an air-conditioning system usually only takes a few hours and we will leave the workspace after cleaning up, taking away old equipment unless you have a use for it. New installations come with warranties and we can maintain the system for you for years to come. Most systems only need very little maintenance. Call us for a free quote and we would be happy to talk you personally to find out what airconditioning system would work best for your house or business.